Individual Counseling The process of engaging in one-on-one counseling in a safe, caring and confidential setting. Whether you are experiencing stress, depression, anxiety, separation/divorce, parenting, work issues, life transitions or loss and grief I can help you process feelings, find your strengths, learn healthy coping skills and allow you to find a sense of well-being within your situation. 
Couples/Relationship Counseling Counseling for any form of relationship (premarriage, divorce, separation, parenting, etc) that allows you to recognize conflict, learn healthy communication skills and identify the needs of that relationship where it is in that moment.
Family Counseling This can include intact families, divorce, trauma, stress or mental health issues and works to reduce distress and conflict by addressing the interactions among family members.
Treatment Approaches *I utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches which are determined by the needs of each individual client. Here are a few I consistently utilize:

▪ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
▪ Solution Focused Therapy
▪ Anger Management
▪ Client-Centered Therapy
▪ Journal Work
▪ Breathing/Relaxation Techniques