Life is Hard Life throws us many curve balls and challenges that sometimes we are not prepared for. People die, jobs are lost, marriages struggle, parenting is hard, trauma occurs, depression and anxiety arise and despite it all life continues. Life is hard and we all need someone to help us navigate through it during those tough times.
Seeking Help is Not Weakness We live in a culture that stresses independence and a “do it yourself” mindset. Seeking help is often viewed as a sign of weakness, instead of being a form of strength We all have weaknesses, but that does not mean we are weak. We all have flaws, but that does not mean we are flawed. It takes a very strong individual to identify that they are struggling with something and then seek help to work on that issue. We all need someone to help us at some point in our lives. It is much easier to close off and keep things inside, but to be vulnerable and allow change to occur takes a deep, inner strength. I admire and respect each individual that I work with, because I understand the courage it took to take those first steps to enter into therapy.
There is Hope Therapy is a means of helping you find the hope in what may seem a hopeless situation. It does not mean the process is easy, but it means that you will be equipped to handle stressors and issues that arise in life.